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STAYSSpreading Our Wings, Opening Our Hearts!

STAYS students make a presentation about Japanese culture and language at a local elementary school.
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STAYS (Study Abroad for Yasuda Students) is a program exclusively offered to students of the English department. It has a history of more than 25 years and its educational value has been highly regarded. In 2013, the program became obligatory and all the second-year students study abroad during the second semester. Students have made great advances in their studies of English and North American culture. Students study at either the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) or the University of California, Davis (UCD) in the USA, or at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada. All three universities offer different courses that enrich students' learning experience and all three provide opportunities to study outside the classroom. By learning and experiencing life outside Japan, students can grow as both English learners and human beings.

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  • 1:University of California, Davis (UCD)
  • 2:University of Pittsburgh (Pitt)
  • 3:University of British Columbia (UBC)

Teacher educationEducating Hearts and Minds through English!

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The teaching profession allows you to become an expert in English. The English department boasts an impressive number of students who have become English teachers. Our faculty fully assist teachers-in-training and all the courses on offer are both highly theoretical and practical. By studying in the English department, our student-teachers learn the requirements of the teaching profession. Furthermore, the English department offers a special course called "Kyoshoku Seminar" for those who aim at achieving a high level of expertise as an English teacher. By studying at Yasuda, you will acquire the skills you need to succeed as a professional English teacher.

Airline industryInternational Service with a Smile!

In 2013, 8 students got jobs with major Japanese airlines.
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The English department is proud of fostering a workforce in the airline industry. Every year we have students who work as flight attendants and as ground staff at airports. These occupations require highly technical knowledge and skills--and, of course, a high proficiency in communication. Learning English enables you to open the door to the world and working in the airline industry is a good career for the globally minded. To make students' dreams come true, the English department offers an extracurricular course for those who want to work in the airline industry. By taking this course, they learn how to be a professional and how to become a very productive, confident worker.


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 英語英米文学科の特色として、本学教員が独自に開発したYASUDA SYSTEMとMoodleという授業管理システムを組み合わせたe-Learningによる授業がたくさんあります。これらは学内に3つあるCALL教室という外国語学習専用の教室で行われます。YASUDA SYSTEM、MoodleそしてCALL教室という最強の組み合わせによって、授業内学習と授業外学習の効率的な連携の取れた授業が可能となり、英語英米文学科の学生たちの英検とTOEICのスコアはここ10年で大きく上昇しています。

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